People Who Died In The Last Three And A Half Months Were Concentrated In The South, A Region That Has Lagged In Vaccinations; Many Of The Deaths Were Reported In Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana And Arkansas.

Weber's insight that any answer to the question of what is worth knowing is subjective and value-driven is empirically reflected in the substantial heterogeneity of views among economists. Importantly, this dissent cannot simply be attributed to a generic inability of economic experts to agree on certain issues. Past research shows that economists agree on many policy issues (Dahl and Gordon 2013), Hence, consensus among economic experts is possible, yet the question of which research objectives economics should pursue remains fundamentally disputed. Moreover, by far the strongest predictor of the importance a scholar assigns to a topic is the extent to which their own work is within that field. Thus, economists tend to value their own fields most. We believe that this is an important insight to keep in mind when evaluating other researchers' work, whether as seminar participants, referees, or editors. Our own views about ‘what is interesting’ are valuable and irreplaceable, but also subjective. Dissatisfaction with the current state of economics Despite the large disagreement, economists are unified in their dissatisfaction.

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6. A couple married on the US-Canadian border so the bride's family could attend Karen Mahoney and Brian Ray got married on the US-Canadian border so her family could witness it. Some people want a church wedding, others want a beach service, but for newlyweds Karen Mahoney and Brian Ray, a US-Canada border crossing outside Burke, New York, was perfect. Covid-19 restrictions had made it difficult for the Canadian bride to have her family at her US wedding, so this was the way for Mahoney's parents and 96-year-old grandmother to be at the celebration. "The most important part of the day for us was the promises we told to each other, and we wanted my parents and grandmother to witness that," Mahoney told CNN . 7. A baby was born on a Turkish Airlines flight to the US Turkish Airlines crew members with the baby they helped deliver.

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Gov. J.B. Pritzker speaks during a news conference at the Thompson Center in August. Saint Anthony Hospital offers both the Pfizer and J&J COVID-19 vaccines at the entrance to Riot Fest in Douglass Park. About 61% of Illinoisans 12 or older are fully vaccinated. Statewide COVID-19 metrics took small steps in the right direction this week, but the Delta variant surge is still hammering southern Illinois hospitals, according to figures released Friday. The Illinois Department of Public Health reported 25,958 new coronavirus cases over the past week, a decrease of less than half a percentage point compared to the previous week — but one that came along with a 10% increase in the number of tests performed. It averages out to about 3,708 cases a day over the past seven days, compared to a daily average of about 3,723 a week ago. US panel backs COVID-19 boosters only for elderly, high-risk Still, it’s the second straight week new cases have declined in Illinois, following two months of exponential increases. The seven-day average case positivity rate has fallen from 4.5% last week to 4.1%, suggesting the virus is spreading at the slowest rate seen since the end of July. COVID-19 hospitalizations fell by 11% like this from a seven-month high last week of 2,346 patients down to 2,082 as of Thursday night. But hospitals in the southern tip of the state are still being stretched to the limit as much as they have been at any point of the pandemic. Intensive care unit beds have been filled to capacity all week in the region that has the lowest vaccination rate (37%) and the highest positivity rate (10.2%) of any in Illinois. Graphic by Jesse Howe and Caroline Hurley | Sun-Times Source: Illinois Department of Public Health Graph not displaying properly?

The new findings show that the virus is becoming more formidable and highlight the need for better masks in some situations. businesses with 100 or more workers would have to require vaccinations or weekly testing. American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue have since issued vaccine mandates , citing the requirements from the Biden administration. In late August, Delta said it would charge its unvaccinated employees an additional $200 per month for health insurance. Deaths in the United States from the coronavirus surpassed 700,000 on useful reference Friday, according to a New York Times database, a milestone that few experts had anticipated months ago when vaccines became widely available to the American public. An overwhelming majority of Americans who have died in recent months, a period in which the country has offered broad access to shots, were unvaccinated. The United States has had one of the highest recent death rates of any country with an ample supply of vaccines. The new and alarming surge of deaths this summer means that the pandemic has become the deadliest in American history, overtaking the toll from the influenza pandemic of 1918 and 1919, which killed about 675,000 people. The recent virus deaths are distinct from those in previous chapters of the pandemic, an analysis by The New York Times shows. People who died in the last three and a half months were concentrated in the South, a region that has lagged in vaccinations; many of the deaths were reported in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas. And those who died were younger: In August, every age group under 55 had its highest death toll of the pandemic.